Patient Portal

Rainelle Medical Center:
A Patient Centered Medical Home

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?
A “Patient Centered Medical Home” is a medical clinic where a team of health professionals work together to provide a new, expanded type of care to patients. Having a medical home feels like having an old style family doctor, but with a team of professionals, using modern knowledge and technology, to provide the best possible care for you in their office.

Caring about YOU is the most important job of a medical home. The care in a medical home is personal, and the teams job is to make sure you get the healthcare you need.

Who is part of the team?
This team may include a doctor, nurse, and health educator, as well as other health care professionals, like a pharmacist or physical therapist. These team members are like having “health coaches” to help you get healthy, stay healthy, and get the care and service that are right for you. Our family of caregivers are also part of the team, and YOU are the most important member!

How do you get the most from a patient-centered medical home?


  1. Be in charge of your health:
    1. Know that you are a full partner in your care.
    2. Understand your health situation and ask questions about your care.
  2. Participate in your care:
    1. Follow the plan that you and we agree is best for your health.
    2. Take medications as prescribed.
    3. Keep scheduled appointments and attend follow-up visits when necessary.
  3. Communicate with your care team:
    1. Tell us when you don’t understand something we said or ask us to explain it in a different way.
    2. Tell us if you get care from other health professionals so we can help coordinate the best care possible.
    3. Bring a list of questions and a list of medicines or herbal supplements you take to every appointment.
    4. Tell us about any changes in your health or well-being.



  1. Get to know you:
    1. Learn about you, your family, your life situation, and preferences.
    2. Listen to your questions and feelings and treat you as a full partner in your care.
  2. Communicate with you:
    1. Explain your health situation clearly and make sure you know all of your options for care.
    2. Give you time to ask questions and answer them in a way you understand.
    3. Help make the best decisions for your care.
  3. Support you:
    1. Help you set goals for your care and help you meet these goals every step of the way.
    2. Give you information about classes, support groups, or other services that can help you learn more about your condition and stay healthy.
    3. Send you to trusted experts when necessary.

Rainelle Medical Center has implemented a web portal FollowMyHealth that allows you to manage your health from the comfort of your own home. The easy-to-use Patient Portal stores information such as Lab and Diagnostic results, appointments, referrals and prescriptions.

It’s easy! The Patient Portal can be accessed by:

  1. Access your email with your login information. If you have not received one ask a RMC staff member for help.
  2. Visit
  3. Select Patient Portal from the menu
  4. Click the FollowMyHealth link at the top or bottom of the page.
  5. Enter the username and password provided to you via email into the login screen.